New Brands Import & Export is a company that was launched in 2009, and is located in Amman, Jordan.

We are one of the few companies in Jordan that importing and specializing in alcoholic beverages, as brands agency and wholesaler.

The owners of New Brands owns the majority of the alcoholic beverages field in Irbid City, which is the second largest metropolitan city in Jordan, and also the majority in Mafraq City, and including the capital city of Jordan Amman, as we are always looking to own or combine more alcoholic industry to our portfolio, this has enabled the company to successfully promote its brands and rapidly increase its market share in Jordan; in addition New Brands covers 100% of the Jordanian market.

Innovation and searching is a permanent engine of our business growth and we are always keen in our search for new products, as we know that we must earn the trust and respect of everyone that comes into contact with our company.

New Brands is working hard to increase its foot print within Jordan to deliver amazing consumer experiences and to extend our sales reach.